A Day at the Seaside, 1978.


Address: Thessaly Road & Wandsworth Road,London SW8.

Completing the right-hand side.

Size: 24′ x 30′

Medium: Oil based commercial paints.

Commissioned by: Thessaly Road Playspace Action group. Part of a wider project to create a play area for children from the newly built Carey Gardens Estate using a brown field site leased from the Greater London Council with play equipment purchased through a grant from Lambeth Council.

Painted by: Brian Barnes, helped by Dale McCrae. The design was achieved from photographs taken by Brian and residents of Carey Gardens of a day-trip to Southend. Repainted in 1986 and demolished in 1996 along with the building it adorned. By way of compensation Lambeth Council built a wall 10′ x 100′ to house the ‘Animals’ mural painted in 1995.

Brian designs the Seaside mural