David Bangs: Murals After 1985.

Highbury Grove, 1986.

Designed by David Bangs, include 61 different species of wildlife plants and small mammals.

Painted by David Bangs, Karen Gregory, Diana Leary & Jane Margrave.

Destroyed 2014 while Karen Gregory and Diana Leary were trying to raise funds to enact repairs.















Garden for International year of Peace, 1986.

Address: Cromer Street, Kinds Cross, London WC1.

Size: 4 panels each approx. 5′ 6″ x 7′ x 6″.

Medium: Mosaic tesserae.

Funded by:

Theme: The Crane: Japanese symbol of Peace; Poppies in memory of WWI’ Doves – a universal symbol of peace’ The Peacock – symbolising the beauty of the living world. Created by the artists and attendees of  the Day Care Centre for the Elderly.


































Castlehaven Community Centre, International Peace Year, 1987.