GMW – ‘Floyd Road’, 1976


Address: Floyd Road, Charlton, SE7.

Size: 45′ x 57′ at greatest points.

Materials: Mortar and brick repairs. Crown universal primer, Emulsion paint colours, Alkyd resin varnish.

Commissioned by: Floyd Road tenants Association.

Sponsored by: Arts Council of Great Britain; Greater London Arts Association; London Borough of Greenwich; Crown paints.

Theme: The residents wished to celebrate the success of their campaign to prevent their half of Floyd Road being demolished in favour of refurbishment. Promote refurbishment over new build. celebrate their community working together.

Painted by: Carol Kenna, Stephen Lobb, Peter Jones,  staff of the Neighbourhood Community Centre, local residents and local children. This mural was noted for the number of artists and students who visited during its construction such as Ken Wolverton from Scotland.



An early design


Children’s Hour: A daily 4 – 6pm period when local children were invited and supervised to paint the lower section of the mural. The gentleman seen to the right of the ladder lived with his family in a house directly opposite the wall. He spent the whole of his two-week holiday working with us.