GMW – ‘Charlton: Past, Present & Future’ 1979 & 1980


Address: Corner of Rathmore Road and Troughton Road, Charlton, SE7.

Size: Front Wall: 50′ x 20′. Long Wall: 13′ x 70′.

Materials: The blank wall was first repointed and treated with stabiliser. primed with Crown Stronghold primer, Colours – household Emuslion paint. Finished with Alkyd resin varnish.

Commissioned by: Rathmore Hall Youth Centre, and Rathmore Road tenants Association.

Funded by: Arts Council of Great Britain; Greater London Arts Association; London Borough of Greenwich; Edwin Austin Mural Trust; J.W.Bollom.

Painted by: Carol Kenna, Stephen Lobb, Youth leaders.

Mosaic Benches: In 1980 the mural was complemented by the construction of cement benches covered in glass tesserae which expanded upon the them of the painted mural. This element was also commissioned by Rathmore Youth Centre providing an outdoors seated space for use by Centre users and the general public. The benches were designed by Carol Kenna, Stephen Lobb and Mark Oliver and constructed and decorated by Stephen Lobb, Chris Cardale, Mark Oliver, Paul Stephens – Youth leader, Francois Matarosso, Lulu Ditzel, Robb Finn and occasional visitors.



Rathmore Hall – before, showing the disused brick flower beds.


Skateboarders and workers in the Charlton Bottle Kiln factory.


Running a local newspaper


For Walls With Tongues