GMW ‘ ‘Towards a Good Planet’, 1978


Address: Thames Street, Meridian Estate, Greenwich SE10.

Size: 45′ x 30′

Materials: Wall prepared with stabiliser. primed with Crown Stronghold primer. Emuslion paint colours. Alkyd resin varnish.

Commissioned by: Tenants of Meridian Estate.

Funded by: Arts Council of Great Britain; Greater London Arts Association; London borough of Greenwich; Crown Paints; Greater london Council.

Painted by: Carol Kenna, Stephen Lobb, Jane Gilbert, Mark, Oliver, Linda Palmer, Pam Palmer and local children.

Theme: The spaceship was devised as a metaphor for Meridian Estate, in need of repair. The space crew represented the tenants who by working together repair the spaceship in order to complete it’s journey to “The Good Planet”. The Good Planet / mandala represents the tenants aspirations – all the good things in life – cultural respect and exchange, international co-operation, trade, natural sustainability and a day-in-the-life-of the estate.






Collecting litter to ‘grow’ as Meridian estate lightbulbs, a rare commodity that could only be purchased singly from the GLC Estate office.



Signing the commemoration plaque at the opening festival.