Kershaw Murals after 1985


Avro and BAe aircraft murals at Woodford, Cheshire, 1983 and 2006. Painted jointly with Peter Dent.

Manchester United murals, 1986 to 1988. Researched by Cliff Butler; designed by Peter Dent; painted by Walter Kershaw; and unveiled by Sir Matt Busby, Martin Edwards and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Mural, 1988. Modified 2002. Painted by Walter Kershaw and Peter Dent.

Trafford Park Mural version 2. 1992. Painted by Walter Kershaw, assisted byJennie Lewis, Julie Nuttall, Adelia Villa and Stuart Dawson. Organised by Trafford Planning Dept. Financed by local company.

Sarajevo Winter Festival, Bosnia 1996. Hasan Kiki School. Murals by Andrea Tierney, Gillian Halliwell, Jack Lewis and Walter Kershaw. Commissioned by the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo, and filmed for Bosnian TV.

‘After the Bomb’ 1996, Arndale Centre, Manchester. Temporary murals on MDF shuttering to disguise bomb damage with Manchester themes. Painted jointly with Gillian Halliwell. Commissioned by Arndale Management and P&O.

‘History of Ashton under Lynne’, 1997. Shopping Centre mural. Painted by Walter Kershaw and Gillian Halliwell. Commissioned by Shopping Centre management.

Littleborough Coach House mural. 2012. Painted on plywood panels.

Lilac Mill , Shaw, Oldham.  ‘100 year anniversary of Lilac Mill’. 2014. Commissioned by J.D.Williams Mail order company. Painted by Walter Kershaw assisted by Suzanne Robinson.

Dulwich Outdoor Gallery.2014. Painted by Walter Kershaw, Peter Seth

North Woolwich Mural. 2015. Commissioned by Crossrail and the Richard Griffini Gallery. Painted by Walter Kershaw assisted by Ingrid Beazley, Peter Seth and Richard dent. Commissioned by Dulwich Picture Gallery..