London Wall: Sankofa Bird, Women’s Peace Mural. 1984


Address: Pentonville Road, Islington, N1, London.

Size: Large gable end.

Medium: Keim Farben paints and metallic paint.

Commissioned by: London Wall initiative.

Funded by: Greater London Council (GLC) as part of  the GLC’s Peace Year.

Painted by:   Maggie Clyde, Susan Elliott, Sonia Martin and Louise Vines.Louise Vines,

Theme: The three central figures are a multi-racial group of women wearing Suffragette colours – purple, white and green The child in front wears a dress decorated with cherries to signify the cherry trees planted outside the White House, Washington by Japanese people in memory of Hiroshima. She holds her finger up in warning. The woman in purple holds both the hand of the child and supports the Dove of Peace, a hawk has the Dove in its claws. The woman in white holds the Asante, backward facing ‘Sankofa Bird’ – to remind us that it is never too late to rectify one’s mistakes. In her other hand she holds a bowl of water to signify life and womanhood. The women are standing on an island. They are bordered by ten symbolic vignettes.


Design for the girl child.


an early design


London Wall Ltd. Murals


Collage design for one of ten side panels.






The artists and friends at the opening ceremony. Left to right: Carol Kenna, Sonia Martin, Desmond Rochford, Brian Barnes, Dale MacCrae. 2nd. row: Louise Vines, Susan Elliott, Stephen Lobb. Seated: Maggie Clyde.

Images 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in this section have been provided by and given permission to display by Lambeth Archives.