Peace and Justice Murals 1979 – 1994



Address: St. John’s Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AW

Size: Various.

Medium: Emulsion paints on various substrates.

Commissioned by:

Painted by: Artists for Justice and Peace – Paul Grime, Michael Greenlaw with others.

The First mural of this series, Michael Greenlaw speaking at the opening celebration.



Competition can Become Co-operation, 1982.



Cambodia – Campouchea The Name has Changed, the Need Remains.



The Edinburgh Festival.


Central America .



Bread Not Bombs, 1986.


Remember the Dead of Kassinga.


We are making a new World (The Gulf War 1991).



Home Sweet Home-Less.



East Timor, 200,000 crosses, 1994.



Same Difference, 1994.



It’s Time to Talk Peace and Justice, 1994.