The Garnethill Mural Project, Glasgow. 1978 – 1979.


Address: Garnethill, Glasgow.


The Project: Includes a large scale mosaic mural and pathway, two painted gable end murals on Hill Street and Scott Street. Over 13 months these were constructed and painted by professional artists, children, young people and Garnethill community groups.

Commissioned by: Initiated by John Kraska, who also undertook the roles of project director and designer.

Funded by: Scottish Arts Council, Manpower Services commission, Scottish Development Agency and Strathclyde Regional Council.


First Gable end.


The mosaic wall, showing subsequent park landscaping.


Mosaic detail 1.


Mosaic detail 2.



1979 Garnethill Scott St Mural – showing Hill street setting.


Garnethill Park, 2007 showing park developments – pyramid, climbing stones, murals and mosiacs.


2018 Garnethill Park Mosaic Mural, almost 40 years old.