Trafford Park, Manchester. 1978-1982

Address: Trafford Park mural, Manchester, near United’s Football Ground.

Size: not recorded.

Medium: Household gloss paint and  oil paint on 6mm plywood sheets.

Funder / Commissioned by: Trafford Park Planning Department – unveiled by Denis Law and filmed by the BBC for Nationwide News.

Painted by: Walter Kershaw. He was assisted by John Abbot, Hilary Cooper and Brigitte Streich.

2nd. Trafford Park Mural. 1992

Painted by Walter Kershaw. Assisted by: Jennie Lewis; Julie Nuttall; Adelia Villa;Stuart Dawson.

Funded by: Local companies: Manchester United, Kellogs,Pickfords, Duerrs, Granada TV, and others.

Commissioned by: Trafford PlanningDepartment.